Organic farm Τοfillo in Omalos, is now accessible! Our aim is to introduce you our unique Cretan herbs and their beneficial properties, with natural beauty background of the worldwide known Samaria gorge

We cultivate and offer you exceptional Cretan Herbs. Our love for
nature, our respect for our ancestors’ land, our appreciation for all the
gifts presented by this land, our knowledge of the herbs that flourish
here in such abundance and of their properties; all of them jointly stand
as our guiding light in creating ”TOFILLO”. We perform the plant
propagation, planting, cultivation, harvesting, drying, packaging and
marketing, so as to keep control over every step of the production
process. The selection of our herbs was made based on their
taste, on the benefits to human health, on their traditional
use over the centuries in the form of tisane, but also on their
indigenousness to the micro-climate of Crete. Our mission
has been to offer them to you directly from nature.
Malotira (Ironwort) – Cretan mountain tea (Sideritis syriaca),
one of the best-known and most important medicinal – aromatic
herbs that grow on the mountains of Crete is cultivated at this
farm, at an altitude over 1000m.
the herbs of Crete
health benefits of Cretan herbs,
well known even from ancient times .
how Cretan people use these herbs
(culinary use, as herbal teas and herbal medicine)
information regarding mountain’s tea cultivation
Cretan herbs as part of the famous Cretan diet
the aroma of Cretan land
Cretan herbs’ and herbal juices’ taste
TOFILLOinspired by nature

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