Scorthalou (Maroulé area)

Scorthalou or Ascorthalou is a small picturesque village near Lakkoi (pronounced Lakki). Our farm is situated very close to “Kolessa” location. The entire area is characterized by its astonishingly rich biodiversity. The landscape is an exceptional one (with caves and small canyons in close distance). Although it has been repeatedly stricken by fire, nature found ways to rejuvenate and blossom again without any helpful intervention by the human factor. Within the boundaries of the land that we own, numerous aromatic plants can be observed growing naturally along with wild greens known by tradition. Rock roses (aladanos or Cistus creticus), sage (faskomilo or Salvia pomifear), but also numerous Cretan wild greens spring up in between older and younger olive trees, all situated in an amphitheatrical landscape where any sort of human interference seems destined to be limited. This is the place where we began collecting rock roses and olive leaves.

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