It is common knowledge that water is a source of life nevertheless American researchers now claim that excessive consummation of water can prove even fatal.

The beneficial properties of herbs were much appreciated back in the ancient times, while contemporary research surveys not only do they confirm the existence of such properties, but they have also discovered new ones through modern experiments. Nevertheless, their effectiveness differs from person to person, as well as from case to case. The properties, to which the “tofillo” refers, are based on valid citations; however, we should not ignore the fact that the herbs are thought to be nature’s medicines, and because of their medicinal substance they should be consumed appropriately. Especially, in those cases where there is a preexisting medical condition, pregnancy or nursing, their consumption should be done with the assent of the competent specialists (doctors).


From the beginning, we started collaborating with BIOHELLAS, a quality control institute for organic products, in order to acquire the necessary certifications of our products’ superior quality and nutritional value.



The special therapeutic value of our products is also certified through our collaboration with IAMA. The Cretan IAMA is a natural proprietary product, the result of multiannual research work performed by distinguished scientists from the University of Crete; indigenous wisdom was transformed into scientific knowledge, in cooperation with a well-known pharmaceutical company. The research project focused on patients suffering from viruses of the respiratory system, common cold and flu symptoms, while the beneficial results were first published in 2015 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. After long-term tests, the research team came up with a combination of essential oils, deriving from 3 aromatic herbs: Coridothymus capitatus, Salvia fruticosa and Origanum dictamnus; in well-defined ratios, they show evidence of having more than an additive effect; in fact, they present a case of genuine synergy, where the aggregate effect of the individual components is multiplied, as the substance of one component complements and/or reinforces the effects of the others. This particular combination was granted the certification of international patent. The essential oils of the 3 aromatic herbs in the form of a soft capsule are found dissolved in extra virgin olive oil (http://www.cretaniama.gr/).

Our company ranks among the suppliers of dictamos (Origanum dictamus), while in the series of our products offered, we have also included sage (Salvia fruticosa).