Preparation of Beverages

Instructions for preparation – suggestions.

Our herbs’ unique aromas, combined with their beneficial properties, constitute an excellent combination for some of the most agreeable hot beverages for you to enjoy at any time of the day.

We would like to offer you a few suggestions on how to prepare our hot beverages; your own preferences however, will surely help you determine both taste intensity and desirable sweetness.


Add to taste intensity by increasing the quantity or the time that herbs remain in hot water.

Add honey, sugar, stevia or any sweetening substance of your choice, in order to adjust your preferable tone of intensity into your hot beverage. Our suggestions are valid for all herbs with the exception of stamnagathi, where you should add a few drops of lemon.

You can enjoy them either hot or cold, depending on your mood.

A suggestion for the preparation of a hot beverage:

  1. In a utensil with a lid, add the dried herbs (2 or 3 stems for the malotira / 1 soup spoon of the rest of the herbs for every 200ml of water)
  2. Add hot water (of a temperature up to 80οC)
  3. Leave the utensil covered for approx. 5 minutes
  4. Remove all herbs and enjoy!

A suggestion for the preparation of a cold beverage:

Double the dosage (4 or 6 stems for the malotira / 2 soup spoons of the rest of the herbs for every 200ml of water) and follow the same steps as described above. Finally, serve the tea in a glass with ice.