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About Us

We are Rodo and Nikos, initiators of the main idea. We were born and we live in the beautiful city of Chania, on the island of Crete. Our love for nature, our respect for our ancestors’ land, our appreciation for all the gifts presented by this land, our knowledge of the herbs that flourish here in such abundance and of their properties; all of them jointly stand as our guiding light in all that we are trying to accomplish. From the very beginning of our endeavor, we were fortunate to receive the precious help and support of our fine associates.

Having completed my core studies in the School of Agriculture at the Artistotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and then pursuing post-graduate specialization in Environmental Protection at the University of Crete, my efforts focus on finding ways to “marry” scientific knowledge with the traditional common practices of my ancestors. Having graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technological Educational Institution of Crete, my main concern is to provide practical solutions for every stage of the production and manufacturing process.

Beyond our mutual “professional goals”, together we share the beautiful burden of family, as we decided to unite our lives in 2012, and now are proud parents of two children that give further meaning to our … redolent lives!


Tofillo…inspired by nature…

Our product and identity have been inspired by nature. So was our name. Seeking a name that comes from nature, we chose the part through which plants breathe and feel and the one that gives (together with the flowers) a stronger taste to our herbal teas. This part of the plant is the leaf, or Tofillo in Greek.

How the initial idea began to materialize:

As we kept consistently noticing that a series of longstanding habits and products, which constitute our everyday nutritional culture, were totally unknown to a large portion of the public, we came up with the idea of using the knowledge gathered in our tradition, along with our scientific expertise, in order to provide access, for all those interested in following a healthy diet, to this valuable treasure of the Cretan land.

In Crete, the use of tisanes has been a common practice for generations; they help overcome a cold or a stomach ache, but they also offer relaxation before sleep or have a stimulant effect during daytime. Since we were kids, it was the main treat when visiting relatives or friends. When we grew older, in the homes of our friends, we used to study, to laugh at funny stories or to take important decisions over a large cup of local tea.

Our main concern was how we would be able to secure the collection of adequate quantities without upsetting the balance of nature… Which plants should we choose? We went to our self-owed land, which had remained fertilizer-free and uncultivated for years; that is where nature itself provided us with all the answers we were looking for. All we had to do was to take advantage of the unique micro-climate and focus on the herbs that grew there naturally. We began a systematic and organized organic farming venture. Our expertise allows us to organize the production and the manufacturing process in a way that enables us to secure high quality and safety in all stages of the production which are also controlled by us. Through investing in young people’s human capital and cooperating with specialized scientists, we managed to create tofillo.

Tofillo is a collection of carefully selected herbs, growing in Crete, and of greens originating from all around the Mediterranean basin. The selection was made based on their taste, on the benefits
to human health, on their traditional use over the centuries in the form of tisane, but also on their indigenousness to the micro-climate of Crete. Our mission has been to offer them to you directly from nature.

Honesty. Our key principle is to deliver on our promises, all by respecting nature and man.We respect nature by preserving its biodiversity.

That is why we have developed well-organized farming processes in our self-owned land where we have actually allowed nature to choose which plants shall flourish. Our immediate control over that consists of monitoring the growth of the plants, starting from the sowing period up to the manufacturing and standardization process. Thus, by being able to watch the development of the product in all of its stages, we can constantly improve its quality, as well as ensure its authenticity.

Our efforts towards constant improvement are motivated by our shared respect for human kind. We have adopted fair trade practices, thus contributing to the development of the local community, while we support activities that improve the people’s standard of living and offer spiritual elevation. We believe that an essential part of our responsibility is to deliver to the consumers products with minimal deviation from their original state, when harvested from the field. We aspire to follow the best practices in all stages of the production process in order to maintain the high quality of the product and to ensure that the latter remains intact until consumption.

Natural. All our products are marketed as produced by nature, without chemical additives or foreign substances intruding during their processing.

Safe. We see to checking all our products, from the stage of production until their sale, with a view to ensure uncompromised quality until consumed.

Good for the health. Scientific reports have shown that herbs and greens benefit human health. Tradition also includes indisputable evidence for their health benefits.

Mediterranean–Cretan. Our products come from plants that have been thriving on Cretan land for centuries. Several of these products are endemic to Crete, which means that they cannot grow in any other microclimate in the world.

A family-owned business. All stages, from production to the final sales of our packed products are for us a family matter.