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Wellness Tea & Cretan herbs

The modern lifestyle has taken the swing, making people so busy that they do not have time for themselves anymore. In fact, people are so in a rush finishing their daily tasks, spending the whole day at the office, that they do not even have the energy to take care of their health and overall well-being when they come home. Since they do not have time to exercise and engage in physical activity, or even eat healthy, the only thing that they consume for boosting their energy is coffee. We understand that it is difficult to manage to lead a healthy lifestyle, so instead of trying to change the whole daily routine and adding the diet and exercise, you can consider adding a healthy cup of wellness tea instead. Why?
Consuming organic and healthy wellness tea is a great way to get all the benefits that you can get from leading a healthy lifestyle in just one cup. Considering giving yourself a couple of minutes for self-care with one delicious cup of tea daily will take the inner peace and reduce the stress and anxiety from your body. You will feel much better and get more energy. At the same time, you will be detoxicating your organism, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving your overall physical and mental health. Opening the door to one delicious cup of tea can add your daily routine to a wellness practice.

There are plenty of brands nowadays that are willing to get in on the wellness tea revolution and we are one of them. We are looking to provide you with all that you are seeking from wellness practice with our nutrient Cretan herbs in a simple and cozy tea-drinking routine.


What is wellness tea?

The popularity of wellness teas reached that point that people are asking worldwide about their benefits and where they can find organic wellness tea products. It is true that people use these types of teas for multiple purposes since the herbs used in the tea contain high-quality nutrient properties. From just boosting energy levels and improving the overall immune system to preventing some serious diseases, wellness tea is proven for having numerous purposes. Each ingredient has its own property and all the elements in the tea are combined to make a perfect cup of hot tea for cold winter days or cold finely brewed tea in the summer.
For all those who are intolerant to caffeine, we have good news for you since you can replace your morning drinking routine with a hot cup of wellness tea since it is an excellent alternative to coffee. It can make you feel full of energy and improve your mood for the beginning of your day. Also, since it has anti-anxiety effects people start consuming this natural herbal tea regularly and provide themselves with relaxing, refreshing, soothing, and comforting effects. In that way, they will be prepared for the stressful day that is waiting for them.


The benefits of wellness teas

As we said, wellness tea has so many incredible benefits that will improve your health, let’s see them.


Detox purpose

One of the crucial benefits of drinking wellness tea regularly is the fact that it can clean and detox your organism from toxins. The detoxifying benefits of herbal tea can be credited to the rich presence of polyphenols and catechins that nutrient herbs contain. You can feel much better after drinking the tea since your digestive tract will eliminate unwanted substances.


Boost Up Your Immune System

The benefits of nutrients that wellness tea is rich in are proven to help improve the overall immune system. As many of you already know, the immune system in our bodies plays the most significant role in protecting it against various viruses and bacteria. By drinking regularly this tea, you can achieve promoting your overall health and be more resistant to any unwanted


Improved Digestion

Wellness teas with Cretan herbs are rich in antioxidants that are proven to be beneficial in improving digestion in the body. Since we are all leading a busy lifestyle, we often eat unhealthy and fast food. This is why people often suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, heartburn, and even some other more serious problems. However, we have good news for you since you can forget about problems like this if you start taking a cup of wellness tea regularly. The antioxidants that this tea contains can prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.


Prevent Heart Diseases

Oxidative damage of the cholesterol particles in the blood can lead to the risk of occurring progressive heart diseases. However, if you already have a problem with the increased cholesterol level in your body, you should take care of yourself and prevent the risk of some heart condition. The wellness tea can help you by keeping the cholesterol level as well as the blood pressure in control. The therapeutic benefits of this tea are exactly what you need if you belong to the risk group.

Sleep Peacefully Every Night

Do you have problems falling asleep during the night? The benefits of this wellness tea can help you reduce insomnia since it has relaxing effects. As a result, you will fall into a peaceful and deep sleep naturally. Since it is a natural cure for insomnia, you do not have to worry about whether you can get addicted to it.


Improve Hair and Skin Health

The list of wellness tea benefits is pretty long and you would not even believe what effects the nutrients from the Crete wellness tea can have on you. One more benefit refers to the fact that your skin and hair can become healthier. Your hair can get stronger, shiny, and lusher. On the other hand, by drinking this tea regularly you can promote your skin condition and make it more elastic, cleaner, and flawlessly.


Prevent Diabetes

If you have a genetic risk of getting diabetes, you can take advantage of wellness tea power to fight against it. The antioxidants in the tea will fight against oxidative damage which can be linked with this condition. Despite that, Crete herbs that are included in the wellness tea are proven to lower blood sugar levels.


Reduce the Risk of Cancer

The highlighted benefit that Wellness teas with Cretan herbs can offer to you is the fact that they can protect cells in your organism from any damage since they are rich in polyphenols and catechins. In fact, all wellness teas are known for their magical anti-carcinogenic properties. If you take a cup of hot delicious wellness tea you can reduce the risk of numerous types of cancers including lung, gastric, prostate, breast, and skin cancer.


Manage Your Weight

If you are having trouble with your weight, you can use this tea and help yourself break down the fat and maintain the weight. Many people are troubled for years with their overweight problem. This is why we wanted to mention that one of the greatest ways to fight these extra pounds effectively is by consuming wellness tea.


Maintain Dental Health

Wellness tea can have beneficial properties even for maintaining the health of your mouth. Thanks to the substance called catechins that has antibacterial properties, you can eliminate microscopic plaque, cavities, periodontal disease, and even prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.


Sharpen Your Brain

Cretan herbal wellness tea can positively stimulate our brain cells and in that way improve our brain function, focus, memory, and concentration. Despite that, the wellness tea qualities have an impact on preventing dementia.


Cretan herbs for a wellness tea

As we listed numerous benefits that we can take advantage of, while drinking wellness tea that is rich in plenty of nutrients, it is time to reveal a secret and tell you more about the Cretan herbs that we are using in our teas.

Τσάι φασκόμηλού

Cretan Sage

Cretan sage is one of the most amazing aromatic plants of Crete. There are various species of this plant and all of them have been popular worldwide since ancient times for antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-cancer purposes. This is traditionally a herbal medicine for various health treatments.

Learn more about sage’s health benefits here: “sage tea benefits & side effects



The island of Crete is a unique ecological phenomenon, with hundreds of flora species. One of the very popular herbs is this one. Malotira is a Mountain Tea that has been consumed by Cretans for years due to the quality of healthy purposes it provides. The herb can be beneficial for those who are suffering from heart issues or are experiencing some digestion issues. Also, Malotira is a natural medicine for fighting colds, improving overall health, and healing wounds.

Learn more about Malotira here: “malotira: the mountain tea of Crete

Dittany of Crete

Dittany is a symbol that for centuries has been associated with medicine. In fact, Cretan’s gave this herb various names and one of them is a panacea which refers to the healing properties that this herb has. It can be used for many medical natural treatments since it has beneficial properties including antimicrobial, antiseptic, anthelmintic, anti-hemorrhagic, emmenagogue, antispasmodic, and antiepileptic. It can relieve digestive issues as well, detox the organism, and provide overall pain relief.

Learn more about Dittany here: “Dittany: the remarkable herb

Cistus Creticus

One of the most powerful Cretan herbs worth mentioning is Cistus Creticus.
Even people in ancient times were using this herb’s properties to reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions, eliminate different respiratory problems, and even fight viral infections. The specter of medical properties is even expanded nowadays after different scientific researches.

Learn more about Cistus Creticus here: “Cistus Creticus: Everything you should know!


It is true that you shouldn’t be replacing any form of true medical care with tea. However, whether you have some of the mentioned problems or you just want to improve your overall health and boost your immune system, this healthy natural alternative can be beneficial for your organism. Drinking a hot cup of delicious Cretan wellness tea can be relaxing, satisfying, and enjoyable. Moreover, it can awaken your senses and make you feel peaceful, and improve your mood.

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