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Payment Methods


You must be 18 years old in order to place an order with us. Before ordering, we advise you to read carefully the terms and conditions governing the use of this website. You can place an order as a visitor without member registration. Shortly after you have placed an order, an order confirmation email will automatically be sent to you acknowledging the exact details of your order.


 You may pay for your order by one of the following methods:  a) Credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) b) Debit card c) PayPal d) Cash on Delivery (available only for orders to be delivered in Greece with an extra cost of 2,5€ per order) Please note that it is not possible to combine different payment methods for one order. We do not accept checks or money orders as payment for your purchases.  All payments are cleared in Euros (€) and the charge will appear in your own currency with applicable currency exchange rates at the time of the transaction. We do not charge any currency exchange fees.


Depending on volumetric weight and delivery destination and is included in your total purchase cost before order completion and payment.  Please note that products delivered to countries outside the European Union (EU) may be subject to custom clearance and other relevant fees. We cannot be held liable for any of these extra costs. We strongly advise you to check your own country’s customs regulations/laws, before placing an order on our website. International orders outside the European Union are at your own risk. We cannot be held liable if customs in your country confiscates any particular item contained in your parcel, levies import duty on it, delays or does not clear the package or the package is lost. In those cases, the order is deemed to have been delivered and no refunds will be allowed.

As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to check which customs and import charges may apply, and to pay them. You can check with your country’s customs office for more specific details.

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