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Sage! Mediterranean aroma and taste in cooking…

Cretan Sage is best known for its fuzzy gray-green exterior and intense herbal aroma, which makes it a bold addition to any dish.

Hailing from the Mediterranean, this fragrant herb has transformed from an ancient medicinal tool to a versatile ingredient in dishes ranging from classic Mediterranean flavors to rich American traditional Thanksgiving stuffing and turkey dishes. Also, we cannot miss and forget the aromatic and beneficial sage teas that are widespread around the world.

How to Cook with Sage

Thanks to its strong flavor and aroma, sage should be added early in the cooking process, rather than at the end of cooking like many delicate herbs.

In Greek and especially in Cretan cuisine we use sage in marinades for pork and beef and definitely when we cook sausages.

A few leaves are enough to turn a simple pasta into a gorgeous dish, as well as to give a special taste to our favorite mushrooms by sautéing’ them together with sage leaves and garlic.

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