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Cistus – The First Gift of Nature After the Disaster!

Cistus fire - tofillo

I am here to prove that always, after a huge disaster nature finds a way to heal its wounds. What does pink rockrose (Cistus creticus) have to do with fire? Well, we saw it with our own eyes! It was Autumn 2003 when a fire destroyed huge areas in the region of Lakki – Skordalos […]

Have You Tried Cinnamon Mountain Tea?

Cinnamon with tea - tofillo

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in the world. Its characteristic aroma is associated with memories of warmth and love since it is a key ingredient of delicious sweets and preparations that accompany festive, family and home moments. In the trade we find two types of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia, which are offered […]

Cretan Herbs to Calm your Stomach

Herbs calm stomach - tofillo

Stomach and gastrointestinal conditions are some of the common health problems that people have. There are many reasons why we can have them, and, in most cases, there is no reason to panic. While visiting the doctor is necessary, there are some natural ways to help you in the form of herbal teas. In fact, […]

Cretan Herbs to Fight the Common Cold

Common cold - tofillo

As the weather changes from summer to winter, the first symptoms of the common cold, such as runny nose, headache, muscle aches, and cough, soon appear. Strengthening our body, both preventively (better to prevent than to cure) and suppressively is the best medicine in the case of the common cold. Herbs and herbal teas are […]

Sage Tea – A Herbal tea With Many Benefits for Your Body!

sage tea - tofillo

We have all heard a lot about the many health benefits of tea. We might enjoy herbal tea to help us unwind during a stressful day or to aid with settling an upset stomach. However, some teas have more healthy properties than others. Sage tea might not be one of the more common types of […]

Cretan Sage: Get to know a great aromatic plant

sage tea - tofillo

Cretan sage is one of the most impressive aromatic plants of Crete, closely intertwined with the traditional medicine of the island for centuries. During the summer it is certain that if you find yourself passing by a blooming sage the beautiful flowers, the penetrating aroma, and the intense activity of bees will catch your attention. […]

Cretan rockrose (Cistus Creticus): The legendary cretan herb

cretan rockrose - tofillo

A delicious and warming cup of tea is the favorite part of a lot of our days. Whether as a kick-start to your morning or a calming afternoon moment, it is the perfect way to slow down and take a minute for yourself. But what if your daily cup had health-boosting benefits? There is a […]

Medicinal plants of Malotiras are born!

Malotira - tofillo

The idea of planting Malotira – Μountain tea The decline in the natural population of Malotira plants is increasing annually. Unfortunately, this is happening with a lot of Cretan herbs. We considered it our duty to protect this valuable herb and proceeded to its organic cultivation in areas that used to grow on its own. […]

Stuffed Gilthead Sea Bream with Madara Greek Dried Rosemary

INGREDIENTS 1 Gilt-head sea bream scaled and gutted ½ a sliced Tomato 1 chopped Garlic clove ½ Green Pepper cut into slices (optionally) ½ dry Onion cut into slices ½ tsp Greek Dried Rosemary ½ tsp fresh Parsley Salt Freshly ground Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil METHOD Wash the fish well, put it in a […]

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