Our Farms

The climate of Crete

Located at the meeting point of three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa, in the middle of the big blue, the island of Crete is renowned for one of the richest flora in the world thriving there because of its particular soil and climate conditions. It has been estimated that there are 1,800 native plants on the island (whereas respective numbers are approximately 6,500 in Greece and 13,000 in Europe). This wealth is not only reflected on their number, but also on the fact that many of these plants are endemic, which means that they can be found only in Crete. In Crete, endemic plants include approximately 160 species and subspecies, i.e. 9% of all types of flora are unique.

The most characteristic types of flora on the island are aromatic herbs, known for their culinary use, their use as herbal teas, including their use as herbal medicine because of the essential oils they contain. Ironwort (Sideritis syriaca spp. Syriaca), dittany (Origanum dictamnus), sage (Salvia futicosa), wild marjoram (Origanum microphyllum), thyme (Corridothymus capitatus) are only a few of the herbs that one may come across -and mostly smell- on the island.



 Lakkoi (Kolesa area)

 Scorthalou (Maroulé area)


We know every plant personally!

Our venture

Being convinced about Cretan herbs’ nutritional value, we began cultivating these unique plants with great care. Our company made its first appearance in the herbs’ market in 2014, when we planted our first aromatic herbs in our self-owned land. We perform the plant propagation, planting, cultivation, harvesting, drying, packaging and marketing, so as to keep control over every step of the production process.