Natural Cretan Herbs & Blends


The herbs we offer you in the natural line of our products, have been selected based on their taste (we offer you pure Cretan flavours and unique herbal blends) as well as on their healing effect, since the beneficial properties of our herbs have been known since ancient times, properties that are now certified by modern science.

On the strong foundations of our Cretan heritage, we build trusting relationships remaining committed to the authenticity, quality and care we give to every natural product we offer.

Sideritis syriaca

We are very pleased of being able to offer you one of the most best-known and most important medicinal aromatic herbs that grows on the mountains of Crete. An excellent kind of mountain tea very popular to Cretans since ancient times.

Origanum dictamnus

In our collection of aromatic plants offered, the plant dictamos stands alone as one of the most significant aromatic-medicinal plant of Crete. The relevant references date back to Antiquity, made by some of the experts of the time, such as Hippocrates, Theophrastos and Dioscouridis  All of them praise the medicinal properties of the plant.

Salvia fruticosa

It is known for its beneficial properties since antiquity, with our ancestors using it as a “super-medicine”. A very gifted herb with a characteristic strong aroma and excellent taste.


Lemon Verbena & Chamomile

Aloysia citrodora & Matricaria chamomilla

In this herbal blend, Verbena has been combined with Chamomile, offering the ideal blend for Relaxation and absolute Harmony.

Pink Rockrose & Mint

Cistus creticus (Cistus incanus) & Mentha x piperita Sm.

Wellness is ideally offered in a botanical blend which combines the famous Mint with the strong Rockrose.

Certified Natural Cretan Herbs

All our products bear the “Crete” brand of the AGRO-NUTRITIONAL COOPERATION OF THE REGION OF CRETE, which certifies their QUALITY, LOCALITY and SAFETY.

Malotira - Cretan
mountain tea

of Crete

Cretan Sage