Malotira - Cretan mountain tea

Sideritis syriaca

Parts of Malotira’s floral stems 18gr, carefully selected and placed in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, for easy opening and closing, to preserve its aromas but also to offer direct visual contact with the product.

The paper bag that encloses the product carries all the data and the ways of preparation and allows easy product-shelving and brand recognition, at any time.

  Natural product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold
•  Perfectly combined with Dittany and Sage

Malotira – Cretan mountain tea
Dried flower stems

  18gr            18            90°            10′

Οne of the best-known and most important medicinal – aromatic herbs that grow on the mountains of Crete, at an altitude over 800m.

Perennial evergreen shrub that botanically belongs to the genus Sideritis, reaches a height of 70 cm, has an upright woody shoot and bears lanceolate fluffy leaves and small yellow flowers.

Μalotira has always been an exceptional product known to all Cretans.

The plant’s name is attributed to the Venetians, once conquerors of the island, who acknowledged the use of the plant against colds, as well as stomach and respiratory illnesses, and gave it the name “maletira” from the Italian world male=disease, illness, and the verb tirare=drag, thus expressing their appreciation for its therapeutic properties.

According to another etymology, the word derives from malotos=hairy, due to the presence of dense fluff on the leaves and on the stems of the plant.

*The pharmacy of Cretan nature

Locals’ deep faith in the therapeutic uses of the Malotira have now been confirmed and brought to light by today’s scientific community.

Many scientific surveys prove that it is full of valuable ingredients that make this plant truly unique.

•  Suppresses common cold

•  Protects the blood vessels

•  Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic effect

•  Anti-microbial effect

•  Digestion aid, thermal

•  Strengthens the immune system

•  Fungicidal and antibacterial

•  Antioxidant

•  Diuretic

*The mentions of the “pharmacy of Cretan nature” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.

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