Pink Rockrose & Mint

Cistus creticus (Cistus incanus) & Mentha x piperita Sm.


A Pink Rockrose (Cistus criticus) and Mint (Mentha) herbal blend with tonic properties which relieves body from weakness and mental debility.

Whole leaves of Pink Rockrose and Mint 22gr, carefully selected and dried, placed in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, with easy opening and closing, to preserve its aromas but also to offer direct visual contact with the product.

The paper bag that encloses the product carries all the data and the ways of preparation and allows easy product-shelving and brand recognition, at any time.

  Natural product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold

Pink Rockrose & Mint
Whole leaves of Pink Rockrose and Mint

  22gr            27            90°            5′

Pink Rockrose

In mythology, Pink Rockrose is mentioned as the plant for which the gods of Olympus quarrelled with the goddesses because the gods wanted to give healing properties to rockrose, while the goddesses ornamental ones. So it finally acquired both qualities. More info here. More info here.


The name mint comes from the Latin “mentha” which in turn comes from the ancient Greek minthe.

In Greek mythology, Minthe was an underworld Nymph, whom Hades wanted as his mistress. Persephone chased the unfortunate creature and trampled upon her. During her martyrdom, Hades did not try to help her, but transformed her into a plant with a wonderful and distinctive scent that first sprouted on Mount Minthe in Trifilia. It is the well-known mint.

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