Organic Cretan Herbs & Blends


With respect for nature and human, we have chosen to cultivate for you unique herbs of the Cretan land. Cultivation in areas with proper conditions for each plant, hand collecting, careful drying in a natural way, are key elements in the production process which guarantee the superior quality of our final products.

Both our crops and our processing unit are certified organic so that the consumer can easily recognize the purity and safety of the herbs we offer him.

From the first moment our mission was and remains to offer you the herbs of the Cretan land as they have been generously given to us by the nature of our island.

Sideritis syriaca

A delicious and light beverage popular to Cretans since ancient times. An excellent kind of mountain tea that you will only find on the tops of the mountains of our island.

Origanum dictamnus

A beautiful plant with flowers in various shades of purple which creates a strong beverage with an oregano taste. You will find it only in inaccessible places of Crete, a symbol of love and devotion for the local inhabitants of the island.

Salvia fruticosa

The intense and characteristic taste of Cretan sage embraces the senses from the moment the package is opened. The plant has been used since ancient times as a “super-medicine” having won the appreciation it deserves in the botanical world of our island.

Aloysia citrodora

A bright yellow drink with a rich fresh lemon scent. Whole green leaves with strong aromas influenced by the microclimate of the area, enclose a little of our Crete’s freshness and sunshine.

Cistus creticus

A Greek endemic plant that grows mainly in northern Crete. Rockrose is an aromatic, self-seeding shrub, its leaves are small and fluffy, while its flowers are pink and look crumpled.



Cretan Sage & Pink Rockrose

Salvia fruticosa & Cistus criticus

The combination of the antioxidant, among its other properties, Rockrose with its beautiful Pink Flowers with Sage (which is considered a Healer since ancient times) led us to create a unique herbal blend that combines perfectly aromas and beneficial properties.

Lemon Verbena & Dittany of Crete

Aloysia citrodora & Origanum dictamnus

When the love of Crete (Dittany) met the royal Verbena, a great love was born.

Certified Organic Cretan Herbs

In our estates, which have been free of chemical fertilizers and without soil exhaustion for years, we have developed a systematic and organized organic cultivation of Cretan herbs.

From the beginning, we started collaborating with BIOHELLAS, a quality control institute for organic products, in order to acquire the necessary certifications of our products’ superior quality and nutritional value.

All our products bear the “Crete” brand of the AGRO-NUTRITIONAL COOPERATION OF THE REGION OF CRETE, which certifies their QUALITY, LOCALITY and SAFETY.

Malotira - Cretan
mountain tea

Dittany of Crete

Cretan Sage

Lemon Verbena

Pink Rockrose

Pink Healer

Queen's Love