Cretan Sage

Salvia fruticosa

Carefully selected leaves of Cretan Sage, dried in natural conditions and packed in two packages of 35gr and 9gr.

The double package offers absolute protection.

Inside the package, Sage is put in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, for easy opening and closing but also for preserving its aroma. The outer carton has a small opening for protection against light.

  Organic farming product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold
•  Can be wonderfully combined with Dittany and Malotira
•  Culinary uses

Cretan Sage
Dried whole leaves

   35gr            30            90°            5′

   9gr              8              90°            5′

From the very beginning, we wanted to include Greek Sage in our collection.

The name of the species, Salvia, comes from the Latin verb “salvare”, which means to save lives.

The plant has been known since antiquity and our ancestors used it as a panacea (particular reference has been made by Dioscorides, Aetius, Hippocrates and Galeno).

Sage is a perennial shrub with numerous branches. Its height reaches 60 cm and its low part is woody. The upper surface of the leaves is coated with velvety hair. It prefers sunny areas and stony, barren soils.

*The pharmacy of Cretan nature

•  Digestivedisorders, Dyspepsia

•  Inflammations and infections of the mouth and throat

•  Mucosal inflammations and infections

•  Headache relief

•  Diuretic

•  Tranquilizer

•  Hypoglycaemic (beneficial effects, restoring pancreatic dysfunction)

•  Soothes excessive sweating

*The mentions of the “pharmacy of Cretan nature” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.

Ways to include it in our diet

•  Herbal tea

•  Culinary herb (alone or in combination with other culinary herbs and spices)

•  Essential oil

tofillo - Κρητικό φασκόμηλο - Cretan Sage 004

Proposal for preparing beverages

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