Lemon Verbena

Aloysia citrodora

Carefully selected leaves of Lemon Verbena, naturally dried and packed in two packages of 12gr and 3gr.

The double package offers absolute protection.

Inside the package, Lemon Verbena is put in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, for easy opening and closing but also for preserving its aroma. The outer carton has a small opening for protection against light.

  Organic farming product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold
•  Can be wonderfully combined with Malotira and Chamomile
•  Culinary uses

Lemon Verbena
Dried whole leaves

   12gr            20            90°            5′

   3gr              5              90°            5′

This beautiful shrub that may also feature as an ornamental plant in gardens has stimulated our interest ever since we first came across it. Its lemony scent and the exceptional resilience the plant has shown in our area have earned our preference and appreciation for this beautiful plant.

Verbena comes from South America. It came to Europe in the 17th century from the Spaniards. But when it was brought to the Royal Garden in Madrid, Spanish doctor Casimiro Gomez Ortega and the botanist Antonio Paulau named the plant Aloysia citriodora, in honour of Maria Louisa Teresa, Princess of Parma who later became the wife of King Carlos IV and Queen of Spain.

Today in Crete we consider it “our own” plant, calling it “gorgoyianni”.

It is a deciduous shrub, with two meters height, lanceolate leaves with a characteristic aroma and white flowers.

It loves the sun and it is quite resistant to frost. It blooms in summer and usually grows on the edges of country roads, in the stony soils of many islands.

*The pharmacy of Cretan nature

•  Antibacterial

•  Anti Candida albicans activity

•  Calming and stomach soothing effect

•  Soothing

•  Antioxidant

•  Αntipyretic

•  Diuretic

*The mentions of the “pharmacy of Cretan nature” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.

Ways to include it in our diet

•  Herbal tea

•  Culinary herb (alone or in combination with other culinary herbs and spices)

•  Essential oil

•  In confectionery

•  For flavouring drinks

tofillo - Λουίζα - Cretan Lemon Verbena 90012

Proposal for preparing beverages

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