Pink Healer

Cretan Sage & Pink Rockrose

Salvia fruticosa & Cistus criticus

When the Cretan herb that “saves lives” was combined with the “pink herb” with its powerful antioxidant action, Pink Healer was created.

Pink Healer is a botanical blend of Cretan Sage (Salvia fruticosa) and Rockrose (Cistus creticus – Cistus incanus).

The characteristic aroma of sage and the properties of rockrose created a beverage of unique taste, which combines the beneficial properties of both herbs.

Whole leaves of Sage, flowers and leaves of Rockrose have been dried in natural conditions, mixed in proportions specified in our secret recipe and carefully placed in a double package of 9gr.

Inside the package, they are placed in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, for easy opening and closing but also for preserving its aroma. The outer carton has a small opening for protection against light.

  Organic farming product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold

Cretan Sage & Pink Rockrose
Whole leaves of Cretan Sage, flowers and leaves of Pink Rockrose

   9gr            8            90°            5′

Cretan Sage
The name of the species, Salvia, comes from the Latin verb “salvare”, which means to save lives. More info here.
Pink Rockrose
According to mythology, when the Gods on Mount Olympus determined which plants would be healing, they decided that Rockrose would heal the warriors who had been wounded in action. This bothered the Goddesses, because they were sure that the plant with the delicate pink flowers would be more suitable for beauty – internally and externally. The result was that both qualities were given to Rockrose, healing and cosmetic ones. More info here.

Proposal for preparing beverages

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