Pink Rockrose

Cistus creticus

Carefully selected leaves and flowers of Cistus, packed in package of 35gr.

The double package offers absolute protection.

Inside the package, Cistus is put in a suitable and certified for food bag with a zip, for easy opening and closing but also for preserving its aroma. The outer carton has a small opening for protection against light.

  Organic farming product
•  Does not contain caffeine
•  Served hot or cold
•  Can be wonderfully combined with Peppermint

Pink Rockrose
Dried whole leaves and flowers

   35gr            40            90°            5′

Pink Rockrose, Lavdano, Ladano, Aladanos or Kistos

The Cretan Pink Rockrose (cistus creticus) is an aromatic, medicinal and melliferous plant known since antiquity. Its shoot and leaves contain the balsamic resin fragrant substance, labdanum. Its flowers are pink and look crumpled. According to mythology, when the Gods on Mount Olympus determined which plants would be healing, they decided that Rockrose would heal the warriors who had been wounded in action. This bothered the Goddesses, because they were sure that the plant with the delicate pink flowers would be more suitable for beauty – internally and externally. The result was that both qualities were given to Rockrose, healing and cosmetic ones.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to collect the rockrose resin, while reports confirm its use during the Minoan era.

Dioscorides refers to pink rockrose – to its astringent, warming and emollient properties.

Pink Rockrose is one of the forty ingredients for making the Holy Anointing Oil.

*The pharmacy of Cretan nature

•  Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action

•  Strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action

•  Strengthens the immune system

•  Relieves stomach and intestinal problems, while strengthens the immune system

*The mentions of the “pharmacy of Cretan nature” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.

Ways to include it in our diet

•  Herbal tea


Proposal for preparing beverages

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