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Accessories & Gifts

Original ideas for special gifts for you and your friends, partners, them
your customers. Creations inspired by our organic herbs. Seeds, plant parts, leaves, and flowers are the protagonists of our proposals which are presented of course in beautiful packaging materials. For those who – creatively – want to bring a little of Crete on their balcony, to cook Cretan and be led with their senses to our beautiful island our suggestions are ideal.

Natural fragrances for your clothes or your room!

How can we “capture” the aromas of our herbs in order to offer them to you in their most natural form, affecting your senses and setting your mood?

The answer was given by our recent past. That is, when our grandmothers kept, in suitable cloth towels, dry parts of herbs to perfume their space or their clothes and to remove unwanted insects from the closets.

Cretan herb seeds for your garden or balcony!

Ideal proposal for those who love nature, herbs, Crete, gardening.

Creative work for lovers of aromatic plants.

Culinary creations with "Madara" products!

For lovers of Cretan cuisine, for those who love traditional recipes, cooking, herbs, aromas, delicious and healthy food.

For those looking for flavors and fragrant memories from the past.

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