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Natural Cretan Herbal Tea

The herbal loose leaf teas we offer you in the natural line of our products, have been selected based on their taste (we offer you pure Cretan flavors and unique herbal blends) as well as on their healing effect since the beneficial properties of our herbs have been known since ancient times, properties that are now certified by modern science.

On the strong foundations of our Cretan heritage, we build trusting relationships remaining committed to the authenticity, quality, and care we give to every natural product we offer.

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With respect for nature and our tradition, we have chosen to cultivate the unique herbs of the Cretan land.

Our range of award-winning herbs is served in various restaurants and hotels across Europe, but you can also buy our Cretan herbs online to enjoy at home. Tofillo is bringing you the best of what Cretan nature has to offer!

A long-lasting tradition

Cretans have a long-lasting relationship with the herbs growing on the island of Crete. Since ancient times we use what nature provide us in many remedies, and of course in our cooking.

We appreciate their medicinal value and of course the amazing flavors and aromas they provide us in every cup of tea or meal.

Here at tofillo, we combine our tradition and knowledge with our scientific expertise in order to cultivate and produce high-quality herbal products. Here you can find and order from herbal teas to culinary products and seasoning.

A family business

Tofillo is a family business located in Crete and our passion is growing and providing you the best of what our land offers.

All stages from the herbs cultivation and harvesting to the final products and promotion are a family matter to us. Our procedures are certified organic and our herbs are carefully handpicked to ensure that the final product is of the finest quality. Considering this, we are going forward with a sense of responsibility towards you.

Our family goal is to use all this knowledge in our tradition and provide it to all those who are interested in following a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Our Products

Crete is one of the richest ecosystems in Europe, with an abundance of herbs and greens growing on the island.

The perfect cultivating conditions combined with our certified organic procedures and careful hand collecting ensures that our products are of the highest quality.

Although we produce almost everything we provide you, in our seasoning blends we use ingredients that we are carefully sourcing from other Greek producers ensuring the quality of the ingredients.

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