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Cistus, the Mystery of our Life is Also Revealed in Nature

I remain open for just one day but I know that with my special beauty, I will successfully accomplish my sacred purpose.


The mystery of life and nature

This was something we didn’t know from the beginning!

It was something we discovered along the way. It was among the things you learn from nature when you get close to it, when you learn to listen to it and respect it.

What we did know is that the Cistus or Pink Rockrose has a beautiful circular-shaped flower with crinkly petals that open outward and have a mixture of pink and fuchsia hues. We knew that bees love it and during their contact a special relationship is born. People appreciate it because of its unique health properties.




The blossom of Cistus

But what we have learned is that each Cistus ’s blossom has only one day of life! And perhaps the large number of flowers per plant makes it difficult to observe, but with a closer look you will find out for yourself. Nature shows us that everything has a certain lifespan and the Cistus ’s flower in its few hours of life remains beautiful by choosing to be beneficial to both humans and insects.

Our family is pleased to offer you one of the most famous and important medicinal herbs found in the mountains of Crete. A wonderful herbal tea full of antioxidants and other properties. We invite you to try the Aladanos that we grow on our estates in the White Mountains!

How truly beneficial we would be if we could listen to what nature has to say. The beauty of this flower could be a symbolism of the search for harmony in a chaotic world, but most of all, it is a wonderful way to enjoy beauty from the heart of nature. Although the life of this flower is so short, its beauty and qualities prove that the world is full of wonderful gifts from nature.

Nature inspires and challenges us

Yes, we follow and trust nature, enjoying its gifts, rejoicing in the people we love and bringing out our beauty, like the blossom of Cistus, as if there is no tomorrow!

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