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The Initiators of the Idea

Our purpose is to lead man back to nature!

We believe that there are no dead ends when man’s relationship with nature is alive. Nature will take care of everything, giving us health, inspiration and creativity. But is there a way to rekindle this relationship?

Big challenge for us…

In 2014 we installed our first aromatic plant crops in various areas of the White Mountains of Crete. Our love for herbs and Cretan nature developed into a passion and resulted in the creation of tofillo. We grow organically, we collect and process manually, we traditionally offer the treasures of the Cretan land. After all, connecting with nature can be simpler than we thought. Perhaps it’s simply encased in a steaming mug of hot Cretan drink.

We are Rodo and Nikos, we are tofillo.

We proudly grow and offer you organic Cretan herbs with all our love.

tofillo…relive nature

“I love challenges and one of them was for me to deal with one of the most precious elements of my land, its herbs. Herbs have been inextricably linked to man for centuries on my island. I believe that returning to nature will provide us with solutions to our problems, as it is a source of inspiration through the aromas and sensations that it so generously gives us. I invite you through ‘tofillo’ to experience a little bit of nature again… and nature always finds a way to reward us when we treat it with respect and love!”

Rodos Vasilakis

MSc Agronomist

“After 16 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer, I discovered the perfect machine! This machine is nature itself… The machine that continues to work unceasingly giving us its best fruits, at the same time that we are causing damage to it. I understood that if we treat it with love, the results will be excellent for man, meeting all his real needs and not just food. For the last few years I have been working with love for this machine and it repays me.”

Nikos Psyllakis

Nature lover – Engineer

Inspired by Nature...

Our products and our identity are inspired by nature.

So is the name.

Looking for a name from nature itself, we chose the part with which the plants breathe and feel, but also the one that (together with the flowers) gives us the most intense flavor in our preparations.

Part of the plant is tofillo. We render the Greek word “the leaf” in Latin characters.

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