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Cretan herbs for a good sleep

Why have we lost our sleep? Can herbal teas be part of the solution by offering us relaxation and help in our quest for a restful and effective sleep?

In developed countries, 20% of adults have experienced sleep problems at some point in their lives. The percentage is impressive and increasing and it may be easy to identify some of the causes of the phenomenon, such as stress, bad sleep habits, excessive consumption of food or a caffeinated beverage just before bedtime, but the most important thing is to know the ways its treatment.

Sleep is one of the most instinctive and essential functions of the human body for a normal life, with health and mental stability. Experts talk to us about the “sleep hormone”, melatonin and how it regulates and affects the quality of our sleep, secreted mainly in the evening and decreasing with age. We, however, have to find a way to get the right weapons to deal with insomnia and stress that mainly causes it.

Herbs, allies of our calm

Studies from time to time suggest various natural ways that could help achieve a night of restful and restful sleep. Herbal teas are undoubtedly part of, perhaps in some cases the very solution to the problem. Herbs with a long tradition of centuries, which from early man was recognized and distinguished for its calming and relaxing properties.
Chamomile, Lavender, Valerian, Louisa, Honeysuckle. Let’s get to know 5 herbs that have been proven to contribute to the relaxation of our body!

Herbs Good Night Sleep


Chamomile the badge

One of the most famous herbal teas in the world. Its name comes from the Greek words hamai and apple, meaning the apple of the ground! Its medicinal properties have been known since antiquity with references to ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. The British Herbal Medicine Association (Bradley British Herbal Medicine Association) among other things states that it can be used in mild cases of insomnia.

Herbs Good Night Sleep tofillo


Aromatic lavender

Lavender essential oil with insect repellent and antioxidant properties is one of the most used in the perfume, soap, cosmetics and aromatherapy industries. The aroma of lavender helps us to relax and calm down, as well as an herbal tea with lavender.

Valerian the relaxing

Another famous herb, with medicinal properties for centuries, used traditionally as a mild sedative. It is an herb that is recommended for the treatment of insomnia and is also considered as a mild anxiolytic. Unlike most herbs, valerian’s hidden power lies in its roots.

Herbs Good Night Sleep and valerian


Lemon Verbena the Royalty

Beautiful and with a royal name, lemon verbena stands out among the herbs for its intense and lemony aroma. Known for its calming and chewing properties, it is one of your tastiest choices as an ally for getting a good night’s sleep.

The impressive honeysuckle

The large and impressive leaves of honeysuckle are used in various ways from cooking and confectionery to the preparation of drinks, herbal teas and essential oils. It is traditionally recommended for the treatment of mild sleep disorders, as a sedative, and for the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

A few extra tips for restful sleep

Drinking herbal tea before bed may help, but a few extra tips will complete the process for a night of ideal sleep.

  • First, create the right atmosphere. You can light a scented candle and reduce the light intensity.
  • Close screens and devices, which cause stimulation in the brain and various thoughts.
  • Make herbal mixtures from the above herbs according to your mood and tastes.
  • Take a warm bath, relax and sit on your couch with a hot mug, with the drink you made.

Discover with your sense of smell all the aromas that emerge and indulge in the botanical journey offered by your mug.

Make a gift to yourself

When the stress and problems of everyday life overwhelm you, give yourself time and space. A book and a relaxing herbal tea for companionship are the perfect choices for relaxing before bed.

And when sleep finally does not come?

The problem of insomnia can become much more complex and in some cases chronic causing significant problems in human health. In these cases, we should seek immediate medical help preventing further pathological problems such as cardiovascular.



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