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Pink Healer – Herbal Tea Blend
Cretan Sage & Pink Rockrose

Salvia fruticosa & Cistus creticus

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Συσκευασία:  9 gr (8 Cups)

The combination of the antioxidant Rockrose with its beautiful Pink Flowers with Sage (which is considered a Healing herb since ancient times) led us to create a unique herbal blend that combines perfectly aromas and beneficial properties.

Ingredients: - Whole leaves of Cretan Sage
- Flowers and leaves of Pink Rockrose

No caffeine

Pink Healer herbal blend combines the medicinal properties of Cretan Sage and Pink Rockrose.

The two amazing herbs will boost your daily self-care routine and will provide their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to your body.

Also among others, both Sage and Pink Rockrose will treat dyspepsia and various digestion discomforts.

Other properties that both herbs provide:

  • antibacterial properties
  • antiviral properties
  • antifungal properties
  • can soothe headaches
  • diuretic properties
  • can treat inflammations and infections of the mouth and throat.

Although it is not a medicine, and should not be treated like one, this amazing herb has a lot to offer to your body and well-being.

* Our ”Therapeutic Effects” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.


1.Place 1g of dried herb (a tablespoon) in a closing container *.

2.Add 200ml (a cup) of hot water, temperature 90οC *.

3.We wait for three to five minutes letting the herb take the hidden power out of it!

Time depends on how “strong” we want our drink, the more we leave it the stronger.

4.Remove the herb from the pan.

Our drink is ready to enjoy!

If you prefer sweeter flavors, add a little honey.

* We want our water to be just before the boiling point in order not to lose the essential oils of our herb with the steam, while the utensil must be closed in order to capture properties and aromas in our hot cup.


Follow the steps as in the preparation of the hot with the only difference that we double the dose of the herb.

At the end we add our tea to a glass full of ice and enjoy it pure or with a little honey!

When the Cretan herb that “saves lives” combined with the “pink herb” and its powerful antioxidant action, the Pink Healer herbal blend was created.

The characteristic aroma of sage and the properties of rockrose created a beverage of unique flavor, which combines the best of both herbs.

The blend provides valuable ingredients for your body without any caffeine and it is suitable for drinking at every hour of the day. Our secret recipe consists of premium quality handpicked leaves of Sage and flowers and leaves of Rockrose.

Organically and sustainably harvested, you can be sure that your tea is sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.

Don’t you want to try this amazing combination of super herbs? Available in a 9gr double package with a zip, you can easily open and close it, while its flavor and aroma remain intact. Enjoy daily to gain the best that Cretan nature has to offer.

Either you like your tea hot or cold, you are supporting your daily wellness routine with a wealth of Cretan knowledge boiled into your cup!

We are very excited to offer you this herbal blend tea, combined with two of the most valuable and important medicinal herbs that grow on our island!


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