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8 Health Benefits of Thyme

Aromatic, with notes of mint and lemon… thyme grows abundantly throughout Southern Europe, especially in the Mediterranean. With its small green leaves, woody stems and fresh smell, it is an herb that easily stands out in nature.

At the same time, it has a wealth of medicinal properties. Come and see through this article the unique properties of thyme!

The properties of thyme in our health

Thyme properties - Benefits of thyme
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Thyme is widely known for its multiple health benefits. These include its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.1 Due to its high content of compounds such as thymol and carbacrol, thyme extracts can have excellent therapeutic effects in some cases.

Let’s have a look together at some of the most important benefits of thyme.

Benefits of thyme
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Did you know that due to thyme’s high vitamin C content, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory herb? In fact, traditionally, thyme has been used to treat inflammatory diseases and several modern scientific studies have proven this anti-inflammatory effect.2

So, the next time you prepare a hot dish of homemade soup, why not sprinkle it with a few teaspoons of dried thyme to get some health benefits besides the taste? At tofillo, we love using [Dried Greek Thyme] in our homemade fava beans!

Good for the Immune System

Another great health benefit of using thyme is that it helps fight infectious diseases due to its high vitamin C content. Vitamin C has been shown to be an essential vitamin for resisting infectious diseases and protecting against harmful free radicals in our bodies.3 While vitamin C can’t fully protect you from everything, it can certainly help strengthen your body.




Thyme is widely known for its antibacterial properties.4 Because of these antibacterial properties, the herb is an excellent remedy for many common ailments, including:

Thyme for the Acne

One of the benefits of thyme for the skin and face is its ability to cleanse the skin and prevent pimples. Its antibacterial properties can help fight mild forms of acne and other problems related to skin congestion. For this reason, thyme extract is often used in skin care products.

Thyme for Dandruff and Hair Health

Dandruff is sometimes caused by bacteria and so, due to the antibacterial properties of thyme, it can be an excellent ingredient for its treatment. So generally speaking, we could say that the benefits of using thyme on our hair are multiple. With a healthier scalp, your hair also becomes healthier – which means it becomes stronger, shinier and perhaps thicker!5

Thyme for Wound Healing

Did you know that due to the antibacterial properties of thyme, it is also excellent when used in topical application for minor wounds? Its antibacterial properties help to gently cleanse the wound and can act as an antiseptic!

Good for Bowel Health

The use of thyme can also help to treat problems related to stomach dysfunctions. Thyme, rich in thymol and carbacrol, can help with intestinal problems. A 2017 study in chickens showed fewer illnesses with essential oils. The treated chickens had less gut bacteria at 21 days. Additional human studies are needed on essential oils. Research suggests the benefits of thyme for gut health.

Fungicidal properties of thyme

Thyme has been shown to have fungicidal properties against yeast infections. In a 2021 laboratory study, researchers found that low doses of thyme oil worked effectively against a fungus known as Candida albicans, which is a common cause of yeast infections.7 In fact, thyme was able to work effectively against Candida albicans even when the fungus had proven resistant to common prescription drugs!

So, it may be worthwhile to keep some thyme on hand for these mild cases of infection…

Good for the Lungs

The properties of thyme on the lungs are that it acts well as a natural cough medicine and can soothe the symptoms of bronchitis. In a 2006 study, researchers found very interesting results for the properties of thyme. The combination of thyme and ivy leaves helped relieve symptoms of bronchitis, including coughing.8 Similarly, in a 2018 animal study, researchers found that a combination of thyme and primrose extracts helped reduce inflammation and regulated mucous levels in people tested.9

At tofillo, when we have a bad cough, we like to make a steam bowl with our Dried Greek Thyme leaves and take deep breaths.

Improvement of Mood

Interestingly, thyme extract has been shown to affect the brain by improving our mood. This is due to the high levels of the substance carbacrol that it contains. In a 2013 study, researchers found that carvacrol can increase serotonin and dopamine concentrations in the brain.10 Serotonin and dopamine are two hormones that help regulate mood and can provide a “boost.”

At tofillo, we like to enjoy a cup of hot tea with our Thyme. We do this daily, but especially on days when we are feeling a little stressed or upset. It’s a comforting beverage that helps us take some time to relax. But mostly to refresh ourselves and get on with our day!

Relief from Period Cramps

For the women reading our article, did you know that thyme has been shown to have a positive effect on period cramps? In a 2012 study, researchers found that thyme supplements proved to be equally effective in relieving period cramps. This takes place with a regular dose of ibuprofen!11

This is great news if your stomach can’t handle taking a large amount of ibuprofen or if you want a natural cure for stomach cramps.

The side effects of thyme and who should avoid it

Thyme is safe to consume, but requires caution in overdoses. This is because it can cause stomach upset and dizziness. People with high blood pressure or sensitivity to herbs of the mint family should consult their doctor. It is recommended that it should be discontinued before surgical procedures and during pregnancy, avoid using it as a tea or essential oil.

At the end of the exploration of thyme, its value for our well-being and health is highlighted. It relieves coughs and enhances digestion while having antiseptic and antimicrobial actions. Thyme is an ally for our daily life and reminds us of the value of nature in our personal care. It is not only for the kitchen but also for natural health.


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