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Dittany Essential oil, a Miracle of Nature

Dittany essential oil, a miracle of nature. Essential oils have become popular in the world of natural healing and aromatherapy because of their multiple properties. One of the most impressive essential oils worth knowing is dittany oil. This oil has multiple properties that make it extremely useful for our health and well-being.

Dittany of Crete

The herb dittany is one of the native plants of Crete and has been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes. Known by many names on the island, such as adichtamo, erontas, stomachochorto, it grows on mountainous and steep terrains, gorge slopes and steep cliffs. If you want to know more about dittany and its famous history, click here.

Dittany has been known since the Middle Ages as it was used as a medicinal herb. At the same time, the essential oil derived from this herb contains just as many active ingredients as the herb itself, which provide some interesting healing properties. Below we will discuss its valuable benefits and how we can make use of them.


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The Properties of Dittany essential oil:

One of the main characteristics of essential oil is its anti-inflammatory action. It is known for its ability to relieve pain and bloating, making it ideal for treating muscle aches, arthritis problems and skin abrasions.

Also, dittany oil has antimicrobial properties. More specifically, it helps fight microbes and infections while strengthening and boosting the body. Equally important is its antifungal action. Scientific research has studied the action of the oil against fungi such as Penicillium digitatum. The results showed that the growth of the fungus was inhibited by 50%.

Another important advantage of dittany essential oil is its ability to help mental and physical relaxation. Its fragrance has soothing properties which results in reducing levels of anxiety and stress. This makes it ideal for use in aromatherapy.

Dittany oil has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This can help maintain healthy skin and delay the signs of aging. It is worth mentioning that Cretan dittany contains more than 70 therapeutic substances. Two of these are thymol and carbacrol, which protect against oxidative stress and therefore contribute to healthy-looking skin.

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2004 examined the antioxidant activity of dittany essential oil compared to other antioxidant oils. The results showed that dittany oil had a high antioxidant activity, mainly due to its phenolic content.

Dittany essential oil against acne!

Acne is not a problem exclusive to teenagers. Large percentages of adults develop rosacea suddenly during adulthood. This oil is ideal for treating acne as well as other skin problems. More specifically, it helps maintain the normal pH of the skin by removing sebum that causes redness.

Another property of the oil is its healing action. Due to the carbacrol it contains, dittany heals scars and wounds. Its healing properties have been known since antiquity with references to Aristotle in his work ‘On animal histories’. There he mentions that Cretan goats, after being injured, consumed Cretan dittany to heal their wounds.

The essential oil of dittany also acts as an insect repellent. Its characteristic scent protects the skin but also relieves it from insect and mosquito bites.

Why to use it?

Among the most popular aromatherapy methods are, massage for relaxation and muscle pain relief, scented candles and soaps for relaxation or inhalation to help with concentration, anxiety or sleep problems.

When you have a cold or flu and are looking for natural remedies, then dittany oil as well as thyme oil are ideal. They soothe the symptoms while strengthening the body faster. Even the European Medicines Agency has recognized the traditional use of dittany for soothing coughs from the common cold.


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Essential oils for strengthening your body!

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As winter is approaching, we suggest you buy Thyme Essential Oil and Dittany Essential Oil from our online store. We recommend adding a few drops of essential oil to a steaming bowl of hot water and inhaling the steam to soothe your airways and any coughs or sore throats.

It is also recommended for nervous disorders, headaches and other diseases of the nervous system, and can also help in cases of amenorrhea due to exhaustion of the body.

In summary, Dittany essential oil is an exceptional natural product with amazing properties. From its anti-inflammatory action to its antimicrobial and antioxidant ability, this oil can help relieve many health problems and improve our well-being. If you are looking for natural solutions for your physical and mental health, go to our online store to get our essential oils.

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