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The island with the hidden treasures. A Botanical Experience in Chania!

Are you a visitor in Chania? Welcome to the island with its “hidden treasures”. This enchanting destination hides authentic experiences worth discovering. From exploring the Old Town and the enchanting beaches to the unique botanical experience in Chania offers unforgettable moments. Come and experience the rich flora and traditions of Crete, while learning about local herbs and creating your own botanical teas. Read on to find out all the things to do in Chania!

Exploring the Old Town

Start your adventure with a walk in the Old Town of Chania. The labyrinth of narrow streets, old churches and hidden squares invite you to discover them. Walk along the Venetian streets, visit the Maritime Museum and enjoy a coffee or a meal in one of the traditional taverns overlooking the Venetian harbour. Here, every corner hides a story.

Cretan herbs tofillo - Experience in Chania
Photo: tofillo


The Beaches in Chania

The beaches of Chania are known for their unparalleled beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear waters of Elafonisos, known for its pink sand. Visit the beach of Falassarna, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, and let yourself relax under the Cretan sun.

What experience can you have with us in Chania?

A reasonable question… For the last ten years we have been growing organic Cretan herbs. Nature teaches us something new and beneficial every year, and we just share it with you. With these experiences we don’t just want you to have a pleasant time, but to experience special moments.

The Botanical Experience of Crete

Come to discover the rich flora of Crete through the botanical experience we offer. This experience is not just a tour, but a journey through the senses and traditions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and learn about local herbs that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and gastronomy. Definitely, this experience should be included in the things to do in Chania.

Crete Herbs - Chania store - tofillo
Photo: tofillo

Herbal Tea Making Workshops

In the botanical experience you will become the creator of your own botanical teas. In our workshops, you will get in touch with herbs from nature, learn about their healing properties and create unique blends. Every sip will be a taste discovery.

Tasting of Botanical Teas

Your experience cannot miss a botanical tea tasting. Try varieties of teas made with Cretan herbs. These knowledge and experiences are easily applicable to your daily life and will inspire you for years to come.

The herbal experience now takes place in the biotechnical park where we maintain our facilities. It is the place where our herbs are gathered from our farms. A specially designed space that has been lovingly created. Watch from the balcony the work that is being done at that moment, without the use of machinery.

You’d like to… but you can’t make it?

The botanical experience is 45 minutes long, and is extremely interesting for those who love genuine experiences, botanical teas and flavours. Even if you can’t make it, we have prepared a fresh herbal tea for you to try at our venue. Find details here


You made the big step and came to Chania. Now, live the experiences that you will never forget. Discover the history, tradition and natural beauty of this unique place. Don’t miss the opportunity to create memories that will accompany you forever.


What does the botanical experience involve?

  1. Tasting Experience
  2. Make Your Own Herbal Tea.
  3. Learn about the Medicinal Properties.
  4. How herbal tea retains its properties.
  5. What you should take away from this life-changing experience

Which are the most popular herbs of Crete and what are their healing properties?

We will travel thousands of years to the present day. What Hippocrates said about the Cretan herbs, malotra, dittany, sage and cistus and how the pharmaceutical industry uses them today.

Can I visit your facility to see how the herbs are processed?

The tasting takes place at our facilities, in the processing area. From there, everyone has visual contact with the production.

How can I participate in a botanical tea tasting and what can I expect from the experience?

Get in here to book your place today. Read the information

Are there other activities or experiences that go hand in hand with the botanical experience?

A very good idea that we recommend for your stay is a visit to the botanical park here in Chania. A unique experience!

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