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Oregano Tea: A Herbal Drink With the Star of Herbs

If we would like to single out an herb as the most popular in Greek cuisine, this would definitely be oregano. Oregano is undoubtedly the most famous and beloved spice of every Greek cook. Vegetables, meat, seafood, pasta, and all kinds of food are wonderfully seasoned with fresh or dried oregano taking off-flavors and aromas from antiquity until today. Oregano has always been a traditional spice not only of Greek culinary creations (such as the typical Greek salad) but also of others such as the famous and beloved Italian pizza. In addition, vegetarian and vegan recipes get extra flavor and aroma with herbs like oregano.


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But it is not only her reputation that ranks her first among great herbs, it is also her name that gives her brilliance! The word “oregano” comes from the Greek “oros” (mountain) and “ganos” which means bright, so “oregano” means “bright mountain”.

Fragrant memories!

With oregano, we evoke all the fragrant memories of the Greek land!

A beautiful and fragrant shrub for your balcony

The climatic conditions of Greece are ideal for the growth of oregano plants of exceptional quality. There are many types of oregano around the world, however, Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare ssp. Hirtum) as it is known is considered one of the best in readability and value. The high percentages of essential oils make it particularly fragrant, while for this species, in Crete, the highest percentage of essential oil in the world has been reported. Oregano is a perennial plant and while at the beginning of its growth it has creeping green shoots, in the spring it acquires flowering stems taking the form of a bush.

Oregano plants are found in a wide variety of soils and climatic conditions, from coastal to mountainous areas, in both rich and poor soils. The low requirements of the plant make it a popular crop while everyone can easily have their own oregano in a sunny spot of their home or garden, in a pot, or on the ground.

Read more about Greek oregano in our article, “Greek oregano, the taste of Greece!

The benefits of oregano

The protective action of oregano is attributed to the presence of two dominant ingredients contained in its essential oil, thymol and carvacrol. Due to the presence mainly of the above and many others, both the leaves and flowers of oregano and its essential oil (oregano oil) have antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

The ancients used it as a medicine. Dioskourides recommended it to those who showed loss of appetite while oregano decoction was believed to cure abdominal cramps and treat poisoning. Respiratory problems, skin diseases, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, treatment of the common flu are among the diseases for which there are reports that oregano acts as a sedative.


Oregano Tea

And how can one directly and easily receive the benefits of this unique herb? With a quick herbal tea! Its preparation does not differ from that of other herbal teas while the pleasure is combined with the plethora of beneficial properties, uniquely beneficial for the human body.


How to make an oregano tea

  1. Place 1g of dried greek oregano tofillo (a tablespoon) in a closing container *.
  2. Add 200ml (a cup) of hot water, temperature 90οC *.
  3. We wait for three to five minutes letting the herb take the hidden power out of it! Time depends on how “strong” we want our drink, the more we leave it the stronger.
  4. Remove the herb from the pan.
  5. Our drink is ready to enjoy. If we prefer sweeter flavors, add a little honey.

*We want our water to be just before the boiling point in order not to lose the essential oils of our herb with the steam, while the utensil must be closed in order to capture properties and aromas in our hot mug.


The multiple benefits of oregano tea

Oregano, however, apart from its role as a spice and herbal tea, is also known for its many uses. Among them, the use of oregano oil in organic farming of pigs and poultry having the role of antibiotics, while in organic crops of various plants assumes a plant protection role mainly for the treatment of fungal infections. At the same time in the food sector, apart from the taste effect, they also act as natural preservatives.

Side effects from oregano tea

As in all cases of aromatic – medicinal plants, daily and excessive use of oregano can cause various health problems such as stomach disorders. Oregano essential oil can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions have been reported rarely. Consumption during pregnancy and lactation should be avoided. In any case, the appropriate information from our doctor, if we have a health problem is considered necessary.

The properties of oregano have been known since antiquity with its use dating back thousands of years. An everyday ally in our health, having the knowledge of yesterday’s ancestors and the scientific data of today can undoubtedly be an herbal oregano tea, which we can easily prepare in just a few minutes, enjoying it every hour of the day!


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