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Origanum dictamnus

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One of the most significant herbs of Crete with great therapeutic and healing value. Dittany’s purple flowers make a delicious tea with an oregano taste. Our Dittany tea will amaze you!

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Ingredients: Origanum dictamnus dried flowers and leaves

No caffeine

  • Dittany of Crete has many healing properties.

    The phenol carvacrol content of Dittany offers:

    • antibacterial,
    • antimicrobial,
    • antifungal properties

    It is used as oxytocic, antirheumatic, and stomachic.

    A cup of Dittany Tea can be used to treat aching stomach menstrual pains and as a diuretic.

    A warm beverage strengthens the heart muscles and arteries and acts as a menstrual tonic.

    Tip #1: A hot cup of our organic Dittany tea with a tablespoon of honey and a cinnamon stick will soothe your cough!

    Tip #2: Combine it with Cretan Sage or Malotira tea for an immunity-boosting sensation!

    Although it is not a medicine, and should not be treated like one, this amazing herb has a lot to offer to your body and well-being.

    * Our ”Therapeutic Effects” come from bibliographic sources, traditional practices and empirical use.


1.Place 1g of dried herb (a tablespoon) in a closing container *.

2.Add 200ml (a cup) of hot water, temperature 90οC *.

3.We wait for three to five minutes letting the herb take the hidden power out of it!

Time depends on how “strong” we want our drink, the more we leave it the stronger.

4.Remove the herb from the pan.

Our drink is ready to enjoy!

If you prefer sweeter flavors, add a little honey.

* We want our water to be just before the boiling point in order not to lose the essential oils of our herb with the steam, while the utensil must be closed in order to capture properties and aromas in our hot cup.


Follow the steps as in the preparation of the hot with the only difference that we double the dose of the herb.

At the end we add our tea to a glass full of ice and enjoy it pure or with a little honey!

Used since antiquity

If you are looking for an herbal tea that is delicious and full of therapeutic properties, Dittany tea from Crete is a great choice! This amazing plant is well known from ancient times and Cretans quickly realized that this herb, growing on the island, offered medicinal properties as well as simply being a lovely aromatic plant.

Don’t you want to try yourself it’s amazing benefits like Cretans do since antiquity?

This beautiful plant growing up to 40 cm in height, with its small but thick, with a fluffy coating leaves and violet flowers, once dried, can make a delicious herbal tea that will support your healthy lifestyle.

Emphasis on quality

Dittany tea does not contain caffeine making it an ideal choice for drinking any time of the day. Available in packages of 20gr and 5gr, its package provides absolute protection. Sealed in a certified food bag with a zip, you can easily close it and keep it fresh, with its unique oregano aromas intact. Our goal is to offer you an amazing tea, which you will make you feel regenerated just by opening the package to prepare your beverage!

Our family, trying to keep local tradition alive while spreading the local’s knowledge regarding this remarkable herb, is cultivating it on the White Mountains in western Crete. Organically and responsibly harvested, you can be certain your tea is sustainably sourced and the species is sustained throughout the years.

Won’t it be amazing to become part of a lineage of those who have appreciated its many healing and health-supporting qualities? Enjoy your tea hot to unleash its soothing attributes or cold if you so like it, and enjoy daily what Crete has to offer.

Enjoy it as you wish

However you prefer to enjoy your Dittany tea, you are tasting a little piece of history, dating back to the Minoan civilization and later to Hippocrates and Theofrastos themselves, who both supported the health benefits this tea has to offer.

Our family is very pleased to offer you this amazing tea that grows in Crete! Well-known to us since antiquity, now available for you to enjoy!


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