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Sage: The herb that has Enchanted the East and the Arab World

“In the Arab world… they love me! But Why?”


In Arab countries, sage (or salvia) is known as “مريمية” (Maryamiyah) or “شيح” (Sheeh), and has a very long history of use due to its medicinal properties.


Sage in Arab and Eastern countries has a long history of medicinal properties.

φασκόμηλοIn Arab culture, the healing properties of sage were highly believed in. They considered the plant a symbol of health and well-being, using it for a variety of purposes. One of the main uses was to relieve respiratory problems such as coughs from the common cold. Sage was also considered an analgesic and anti-inflammatory herb, and its strong aroma was used to relax nerves and improve mental well-being.

In addition, the Arabs used sage to improve digestion, relieve digestive disorders, and support the immune system. Drinking this herbal tea was and still is a favorite habit of the people of the Arab world in order to benefit from the unique properties of this special herb.


The Sage antidote against the heat

It was known for its use by the Arabs to treat the heat. It is a fact that in these countries, the high temperatures during the summer months are bordering on survival. The reason behind this use is related to various compounds that it contains, such as flavonoids and tannins. These compounds have properties that can help regulate body temperature, enhancing perspiration and helping to relieve overheating. Therefore, the use of of this herb could help people cope with unbearable temperatures in their environment.

Essential oil, a wellness and rejuvenation ingredient

The essential oil contained in it was also used by the Arabs for the production of perfumes and cosmetic products. The rich aromatic profile of sage offered a wide range of fragrances, from fresh to more sensual and even woody. The essential oil was extracted through various techniques, such as steam distillation. This oil imparted the strong and fragrant smell of the plant to products such as massage oils, water-soluble perfumes and lotions. In addition, essential oil was believed to have rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties, so its use in personal care and beauty products was extensive.

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The Arabs ingeniously utilized sage to create a multi-dimensional and beneficial package that included heat relief, medicinal uses, skincare and beauty products. The value of sage permeates Arab history and culture, providing an example of how natural resources can be creatively harnessed for the well-being and growth of a community.

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