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Erotas – Ditanny: The Herb of our Hearts, The Symbol of Love!

I am a symbol of love as young men of the island have even lost their lives in order to find me and offer me to their beloved ladies!


Erotas Dittany


The Cretan Herb Eros

Dittany of Crete is an herb that you will find in Crete, being a species endemic to the island. The locals call it “Eros”, which is no coincidence, as dittany has been associated with love and passion since ancient times.

According to ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Rhea, mother of the gods, made an aromatic mixture of various herbs, which included dittany. This mixture gave the wearer an unparalleled feeling of euphoria and was associated with love and romance.

Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans used it as an aphrodisiac and considered it a symbol of true love and passion. Indeed, the strong scent of dittany has a powerful sensual character, known for its ability to awaken the senses and sexual desires (it is also considered an aphrodisiac).

Erotas Dittany - Herb


Searching True Love

In earlier times, in Crete, dittany was used as a means of expressing love and appreciation. According to tradition, girls would spend the evening in the village square with branches of dittany in their hands and boys would walk around looking for the herb with the best smell, symbolizing their desire for a date and their desire to look for true love.

On the other hand, another very interesting story that has been passed on from generation to generation, states that as the plant grows in sharp and inaccessible parts of steep mountain slopes, only someone truly in love, who is willing to risk even his own life, will cut and offer the dittany flowers to his beloved as a sign of true faith and love.




How Laography Meets the DNA of Eros

The dittany never stops surprising us and for us it was really impressive that even the seeds of this unique plant when put under the microscope were heart-shaped! For the people of Crete, the dittany is much more than just an herb. It is a symbol of the power of nature and the passion of people, remaining strong from ancient times to the present day.

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