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Green Corporate Gift Ideas for Conferences and Events

Now that ecology meets entrepreneurship, Eco-Green Gifts bring sustainability to the forefront. Does it concern us all? Undoubtedly! Join us on a journey where eco-friendly corporate and conference gift ideas meet your corporate identity!

Green gift ideas….with ecological character

In the world of business, eco-friendly corporate gifts are becoming increasingly popular. It is not just a trend, but a powerful message of awareness. But what makes a gift truly green? First, the idea of coming from nature itself. Second, the production process must respect the environment, using minimal energy and resources.


Corporate conference gift ideas


Picture from Natalia Klenova

Herbs as Gifts: Discover the True Meaning

Discover the true meaning of the gift through nature. With herbs as gifts, you offer not only a unique and beneficial product, but also an experience of knowledge and contact with the environment. It is time to get back to nature, appreciate what it generously offers us and turn to a sustainable development of our society. By choosing eco-friendly gifts, we are declaring our commitment to a more responsible and conscious lifestyle. Empower the idea and make the difference in the gift!

Corporate gift and conference ideas directly from nature

The corporate gift ideas are many! More can be seen in our e-shop with piece prices. For even more ideas and information you can contact us..

Cretan Sage seeds in kraft card


Corporate conference gift ideas- Cretan Sage seeds in kraft card

Let’s give our relationships values and feelings. Let our seeds as a gift be the symbol and the beginning of a human relationship that will take root, blossom and bear fruit.


Natural fragrances for your clothes or your room!

Cretan Sage seeds in kraft card - Natural fragrances for your clothes or your room - lemon verbena Cretan Sage seeds in kraft card - Natural fragrances for your clothes or your room - rosemary Cretan Sage seeds in kraft card - Natural fragrances for your clothes or your room - sage








An ecological suggestion to perfume your home, wardrobes, pillows, bed, even your handbag.


Gardening kit Cretan Sage


Corporate conference gift ideas - Gardening kit Cretan Sage


A gardening kit to plant sage, suitable even for beginners.


Green Gifts for Sustainable Company Culture

Choosing green gifts for corporate conferences and events can be a step towards creating a more sustainable and ecologically sensitive corporate culture.

We have the ability to offer our gifts in small and large quantities! Our ideas with both herbs and other corporate and conference gift sets can be private labeled under certain conditions. You can send us your thoughts here and we will contact you.


The Message behind the Gift

A gift is not just an object. It is an expression of the values and appreciation you have for the recipient. When you choose an eco-friendly gift, you are speaking about your commitment to the environment. You are sending a message that goes beyond the physical nature of the item. Each gift highlights your desire for a greener and more sustainable society. Think of green, not just as a color, but as a way of life that you can share through your gifts.


Eco-friendly corporate gift ideas for conferences are not just a trend. It’s a way to demonstrate our dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. Let’s make the green choice, the right choice, for our present and future.

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