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Sage Essential oil: a Hard-Working for Mind & Body

Today, we’re exploring the great benefits and uses of sage essential oil.

The herb sage has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians for its therapeutic properties and is still recognised today for many of these.

So, let’s dive in and explore some of the benefits of this herb’s essential oil.

Benefits of Essential Oils


Benefits of Sage Essential Oil

In a previous article we explored some benefits of essential oils generally, such as for cognitive function, stress and hair growth. Many of these benefits – and more – apply specifically to sage essential oil.

1. Cognitive Function

Scientific studies have consistently shown that sage extracts have a positive impact on cognitive function and help prevent memory deficits. Studies also show that the herb and its essential oil can have protective effects against neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Because of the way essential oils can affect brain function (learn how in our [previous article]), simply inhaling the essential oil on a regular basis can provide cognitive and protective benefits.

2. Stress and Anxiety

Similarly, inhaling sage oil can help ease some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety because of the oil’s effects on the limbic system. An added bonus – when the limbic system eases the stress and anxiety you are feeling, you might also find that you feel more alert and focused.

At tofillo, we like to keep a bottle of our own Sage Essential Oil on hand for busy periods at work!

3. Skin

Due to the high antioxidant activity of sage extract,[1] it helps to defend against free radicals, which are often a cause of inflammation and premature skin aging. So, when applied to skin topically (and always diluted by a carrier oil), the oil has potential anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

Sage oil also has significant antibacterial properties. A scientific study showed that not only did the essential oil have properties that inhibited bacteria, but it was even more effective at fighting bacteria compared to most known antibiotics.[2] So, including the oil in creams and cosmetic treatments may help with limiting or treating mild breakouts.

Indeed, at tofillo, we like to add a few drops of our Sage Essential Oil to a homemade face mask to reap the benefits!


4. Cleansing

We’ve seen in the previous section that sage essential oil has remarkable antibacterial properties. Because of this, it also makes an excellent ingredient to include in home preparations of skin cleansers and remedies for minor wounds. Just remember to seek medical advice before using essential oils in a wound treatment.


5. Hair and Scalp Health and Growth

Did you know that because of sage oil’s antibacterial properties, it can also help hair and scalp health?

The antibacterial properties help keep your scalp healthy and can improve conditions like dandruff. And when your scalp is healthier, your hair becomes healthier! Your hair can grow stronger, and possibly even thicker.


6. Oral Health

Are you looking for a cost-effective, natural alternative to drugstore mouthwashes? Well, research has shown that extracts of sage can have anti-inflammatory effects against oral inflammation when used in mouthwash.[3]

In fact, popular mouthwash brands regularly include essential oils in their products. So when making your own mouthwash, add in a few drops of sage oil for an effective clean!

We’ve looked at some of the key benefits of sage essential oil and examples of how it can be used. Let’s take a closer look at some more of its uses.


Uses of Sage Essential Oil

In our previous article on essential oils, we explored how essential oils have therapeutic effects through the limbic system or skin absorption. Well, that’s how the following uses have their therapeutic effects.


Oil burning or steaming

Using an oil burner or a steam bowl with sage oil allows you to directly inhale the oil and experience relaxation, calmness and better focus.

Many cultures have burnt the sage herb directly to experience its benefits, and sometimes to ‘cleanse’ the atmosphere of negative energy. Indeed, the Ancient Greeks believed so strongly in sage’s protective powers when burnt that they dedicated it to the Greek god Zeus, whom they considered the most powerful god…

Although burning sage essential oils is a more indirect method than burning the complete herb, you will still reap the therapeutic and, if you so believe, cleansing benefits of the herb.


Sage Essential Oil for Candles

Similar to oil burning or steaming, including sage oil in your candles lets you get the benefits of the oil from inhalation, but in a longer-lasting and slightly more diluted way.


Sage Essential Oil for Creams

We’ve seen that sage oil has anti-bacterial and anti-aging effects. Including a few drops of the oil in your regular creams can help you get those benefits directly!


Sage Essential Oil for Soaps

By massaging in a soap that contains sage oil, you’ll not only help the health of your skin but will also get a relaxing, spa experience during your shower or bath…


Sage Essential Oil for Haircare

We saw above that sage oil has benefits for your scalp and hair health. Why not include, for example, a few drops in your favourite hair conditioning mask next time?



So there you are! A few of the key benefits and uses of sage essential oil. If you’re interested to try some of the uses for yourself, you can find our Sage Essential Oil in our online store.

Because tofillo’s essential oils are all organic, they don’t contain chemicals from pesticides. So you can use them with confidence knowing that they’re better for your health and that their therapeutic effects aren’t compromised!



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