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Αναγνώριση & Επιβράβευση

Organic herbs & cooking blends

Flavors and aromas from Crete

We bring back all the sensations that only nature can give us… from Crete… from tofillo

Our best products

"We share flavors and aromas from Crete... Herbal teas and cooking mixes now travel worldwide through our online store!"

—To Fillo

Ξεκλειδώστε τη Health Benefits

The Cretan herbs and their beneficial properties for protecting and improving your health.

From seed... to your cup

Family & Tradition

We share what we love. Herbs with centuries of tradition.

Farming & Collection

We experience the joy of creating. We protect what is most valuable.

Enjoy them!

Daily enjoyment with beneficial and tasty drinks.


We give our herbs the place they deserve.

"Each plant has received our special personal care...
You feel it in every sip!"

—To Fillo

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Delicious recipes and creative kitchen ideas!

Discover our Cretan herbs

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