Our partnerships, like our products, carry our values ​​of authenticity and integrity.

We always offer high quality products and services. Our partnerships at home and abroad, both in terms of raw materials and final products, are governed by respect, professionalism and reliability, with a view to the best outcome every time.

Our partnerships, depending on the needs of our partners, are divided into:

Standard products
with our own
brand names


Organic and Natural Cretan herbs of high quality which are cultivated – produced in our estates.

Herbal blends as well as aromatic culinary herbs and blends that are processed and standardized in our facilities in Chania.

Raw materials for
essential oils
and extracts

The healing power of the herbs of our island is an invaluable heritage for us. Thanks to the climatic conditions of Crete, its herbs are considered some of the richest in healing and cosmetic properties in the world. This fact, combined with our high quality and certifications, allows us to work with well-known pharmaceutical companies in terms of raw materials. CRETAN IAMA, the most famous “Cretan” formulation, is one of our partnerships.



We provide the opportunity to our partners to manufacture Private Label products, especially designed to fully meet their needs.


Through our continual development in the food industry, we ensure the best possible result for every company operating in this industry, having developed partnerships with hotels, restaurants and cafes.