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"We share flavors and aromas from Crete...
Herbal teas and cooking blends that now travel around the world via our online store!"

Our Premium Organic Tea

Certified organic herbal tea products that are carefully handpicked to ensure their high quality


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Natural Collection Tea

Herbal loose leaf teas selected based on their taste and healing effect


Greek Cooking Flavors

Mixtures of herbs and spices that give special flavors and aromas to our meals


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Unique Gift Ideas

Special gifts for you and your friends, family partners and customers, inspired by our herbs


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Dittany of Crete
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Salvia fruticosa
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“We bring back all the senses that only nature can give us… from Crete… from tofillo”

From the Seed to your Cup...

Family & Tradition

We share what we love. Herbs with a tradition of centuries.

Growing & Collecting

We live the joy of creation. We protect what is most valuable.


We give our herbs the place they deserve.

Online Delivery

We bring a little of nature to our home.


Daily joy of beneficial and delicious drinks.

"Every plant has received our special personal care...
Feel it in every single sip!"

Meet our Cretan Herbs

# Recipes

Cretan Marinade
with Madara Blend
• Olive Oil
• Greek Honey
• Dry Red Wine
• MADARA blend for Marinade
• Orange Juice
• Freshly ground Pepper
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Pot Roast with
Madara Blend
• 1 tsp MADARA blend with Dittany for Pot Roast
• 1 kg Beef, silverside or rump, for roasting
• 3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 1 cup dry White Wine
• Cooking String
• 1 Carrot
• ½ dry Onion
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