Gold Medal for MADARA blend Pork – Beef in the competition “1001 DEGUSTATIONS” for  2020

Another Gold Medal for the Cretan Culinary blends MADARA and especially for the Seasoning Blend for Pork & Beef & not only … in the competition “1001 DEGUSTATIONS” for  2020.

Greek Seasoning
for Pork & Beef

From: 1,99€

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Ever wondered what seasoning to use with pork or beef? Do you need a different flavor to spice up your meals? Madara seasoning blend for pork and beef got you covered! Flavors from Cretan herbs like Sage and Thyme combined with sweet chili flakes, onion, and orange, will take your cooking to the next level!

Ingredients: Sage, Thyme, Sweet Chilli Flakes, Onion, Orange

Package: 30 gr

  • Cooking Blend
  • 100% Greek
  • Unique Flavour
  • Family Owned
  • Used in Cretan cuisine
  • Shielded Package
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