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Have you tried Cinnamon Mountain Tea?

Cinnamon is one of the world’s most popular spices. But how could cinnamon be combined with mountain tea? In this article you will see how cinnamon is perfectly combined with mountain tea, in order to extract maximum pleasure. The characteristic aroma of cinnamon is associated with memories of warmth and love as it is a key ingredient of delicious sweets and preparations that accompany festive, family and home moments.



Mountain tea with Cinnamon
Picture from Fabian Montano


“The mountain tea with cinnamon, through its warmth and aroma, touches the senses and fills our interior with calm and comfort, like an embrace that offers warmth and comfort to the heart and soul”


Ceylon Cinnamon – Cassia Cinnamon

There are two main types of cinnamon, Ceylon and Cassia, which are offered either as sticks or ground. The most commonly found on the market is the cassia with its strong aroma and dark brown colour, but the Ceylon cinnamon is nutritionally superior, with a lighter colour and a thinner wood.

Numerous scientific studies are studying the properties of cinnamon with most of them focusing on its antioxidant and antimicrobial action and its action against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, digestive disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

For lovers of herbal teas, cinnamon is a wonderful accompaniment and flavor enhancer adding even more aromas and properties ! Add plain cinnamon or combine your herb with cinnamon and honey, the combination of which is unique.

mountain tea with cinnamon
Picture from tofillo

Try the Cretan mountain tea – malotira with cinnamon and take advantage of their aromas and properties!

Try the Cretan mountain tea, malotira, with an addition of cinnamon and indulge in a journey of aromas. This combination is ideal for those seeking a natural source of wellness and warmth. Malotra, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, combined with cinnamon, which helps regulate blood sugar and offers a rich aromatic character, create a tea rich in flavour and nutritional value.





Preparation of herbal tea malotira with cinnamon

  1. Place 2 to 3 stems of dried malotira and a small amount of cinnamon in a container that can be closed. If you have the cinnamon powder put half a teaspoon, if you have the chopsticks break them up and use a small amount of the chunks respectively.
  2. Add 200ml (one cup) of hot water, temperature 90°C.
  3. Wait for five minutes letting the herb release its hidden power! The time depends on how ”strong” you want your drink to be, the longer you leave it, the stronger it gets.
  4. Remove the herb from the pot.
  5. Our beverage is ready to be enjoyed. If you prefer sweeter flavours, add a little honey, which also goes well with the cinnamon.


Remember! We want our water to be just before the boiling point so that we don’t lose the essential oils of our herb in the steam. The pot must be closed in order to capture qualities and aromas in our hot cup.

You can wonderfully choose another herb of your choice instead of Malotira. This can be dittany, sage or a combination of them!


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