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Cistus Tea: Delicious Beverage with many Benefits

Stressful moments, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activity often cause different health issues that people struggle to solve. Fortunately, medical experts are working hard every single day to make our lives more comfortable. However, something we mustn’t forget is the fact that Mother Nature also gives us many plant-based medicines that can help us reach some of our health goals! One of the most powerful plants worth mentioning is definitely the Cistus Incanus herb and the Cistus tea we make from it.

This type of herb is everywhere around us for centuries. Did you know that our ancestors were using it to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, eliminate different respiratory issues, and manage different viral infections? This herb hasn’t changed in the meantime, and all these benefits are available to today’s people as well. Unfortunately, many of us are not even aware of that.
The duty of today’s people is to be curious and gain all the necessary information that can be valuable for their health and overall life.

For that reason, let’s find out more about this plant and see the positive outcomes of consuming Cistus tea for our physical and mental health!


What is Cistus?

Cistus Incanus tea has been one of the most popular teas in the Mediterranean regions for many centuries. Two qualities that make this herb so valued and appreciated since always are its beautiful and pleasant aroma, as well as numerous medical benefits that it provides. The herb is actually presented as a Plant of the 1999 Year in Europe which only confirms how valuable it can be for humankind.

One more name that is used for this herb is the pink rock rose, so it is clear that the plant originates from the rockrose family. It has a stunning appearance as an evergreen bush with an incredible combination of green and grey leaves with attractive purple-pink flowers on the top. The Mediterranean region brings with self unique ecosystem conditions which formed this plant the way it is.


Enjoy the daily benefits of this miraculous Cretan herb with a cup of Aladanos/Rockrose herbal tea from our fields in the White Mountains of Crete!

The herb is harvested by hand to ensure maximum quality.

What makes this plant so strong and powerful is the fact that it can endure different hard conditions and stressors. Even deficiency of the water for a long time, very high temperatures, or even high solar irradiance are things that this plant can survive. The reason for this is the high level of polyphenols substance that Mediterranean herbs have which keep them protected from any type of stressor. However, those polyphenols contain antioxidants that are meritorious for the health benefits that this herb provides us.

One of the things related to this plant that creates confusion among people is the difference between Cistus Incanus and Cistus Creticus. In short, people make mistakes by thinking that these two are different plants. Fundamentally speaking, they are the same. More precisely, Cistus Incanus is the hybrid produced from Cistus Albidus and Cistus Crispus plant. They are all stunning flowering plants from the rockrose family.


The cistus herbal benefits are used since ancient times

As we said in the beginning, the Cistus Incanus plant is not recently discovered. You will be surprised when you hear that this herb has so long tradition that even ancient folk used it all the time for their health. This is just one of the evidence of how beneficial this herb is both medicinal and therapeutically.

You can find the term Cistus Incanus mentioned even in the Bible. More precisely, you can find it in the Genesis section which is clear proof that this herb has roots deep in history.
Since ancient times, people have used Cistus Incanus and Cistus Creticus herb for different healing purposes. For instance, in Greek history, we can find evidence of using Cistus Incanus for healing wounds of their warriors. Despite that, women used Cistus tea for beauty purposes and facial cleaning.

On the other hand, you will be surprised to hear that this plant-based medicine was (and still is) extremely popular in the traditional medicine of Moroccan people. They used this tea for dental hygiene, and that’s something you can do as well.
In fact, all traditional folks experimented with this herb in order to find the medicinal qualities it provides. They concluded that Cistus Incanus is good for colds, menstrual cramps, rheumatism, and the overall immune system. More precisely, cistus leaves can treat inflammatory diseases and fight against different bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As you see, there is a wide range of benefits that this herb can provide to us, so we will analyze them all in further text.


cistus tea

Health benefits of Cistus worth mentioning

By enjoying the pleasant taste and aroma of a cistus cup of hot tea, what benefits of cistus can you expect.. let’s find out!

Cistus tea Treats Lyme Disease

Even in ancient times, people knew that they can treat Lyme disease with the qualities that this popular tea has. More precisely, not only that you can treat it; you can also prevent this disease. The manoyloxides substance in this herb can effectively fight and protect the organism from the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi that causes this health issue. Its benefits are not only available to people in this case as they can be an excellent option for animals. If you are a pet owner, this might be an essential piece of information for you.

Cistus herb is Rich in Antioxidants

This Mediterranean purple rose has different miracle medicinal properties because it contains a lot of different antioxidants. Many scientists have been researched this herb, and all studies show significant antioxidant potential especially with polyphenols and flavonoids. For those who do not know, antioxidants have a special role in removing free radicals from the body cells and, in that way, prevent or reduce the damage caused by oxidation to the body.

Our family is pleased to offer you one of the most famous and important medicinal herbs found in the mountains of Crete. A wonderful herbal tea full of antioxidants and other properties. We invite you to try the Aladanos that we grow on our estates in the White Mountains!

By consuming Cistus, you are reducing Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

Unfortunately, studies show that cardiovascular diseases are the primary reason for deaths in the world. For that reason, you probably heard many doctors suggesting people with the genetic risk of CVDs try and prevent the occurrence of the disease naturally. Also, it is recommendable that you regularly do check-ups and start the management of the disease in the early stages. Luckily, this tea has shown a significant impact in preventing the risk of any cardiovascular disease.

Managing Viral Infections without a problem!

With the antiviral activity features, viral infections can be treated effectively with the cistus herb. Everybody knows that viral infections are very hard to treat and cure, even if you use medications. However, there is a natural alternative that shows powerful antiviral properties that lower the chance of viral resistance. One of the things worth mentioning is that the cistus herb does not harm host cells in our bodies like some of the other natural treatments. So, even if you are struggling with a chronic viral infection, you should not worry about managing it.

Respiratory Illnesses can be eliminated with cistus tea

One more benefit that cistus tea includes is treating different infections including respiratory ones. When you are dealing with chronic respiratory illness and you need extra defense, you can just drink a cup of hot cistus tea and strengthen your organism naturally. With the Anti-inflammatory qualities of the herb, any bacteria or virus that attacked your organism will be eliminated. Also, in case you are having a sinuses problem, or even have some allergy, a cup of this tea can help you treat it.

You can remove Dental Plaque with this tea

Incredible rock rose herb is good even for oral hygiene. The special substance called polyphenols in this herb has antibacterial usage, so it can remove the problem of dental plaque. If you drink tea regularly, you will reduce the risk of bacteria occurrence in your mouth.

Improve the quality of your life!

You do not have to be sick in order to enjoy a cup of this delicious tea. Even though this tea is so popular for health purposes, you can use it just to improve your mood. Studies show that tea can even boost your energy and makes you more cheerful and satisfied.

People do not appreciate enough organic treasures that nature has given them. If we investigate and look more closely, we will see that everything that is good for us and our health is spread right there next to us. Nature provides us with many herbs that offer many health benefits. Let’s find out their properties and how we can benefit from them and improve our health.


Natural Cistus Tea tofillo

As you can see, cistus tea has many properties to offer to your body, as well as simply being a delicious drink that you can enjoy.

If you want to introduce drinking cistus tea into your daily routine then you can do it easily by picking up some of our incredible Organic Cistus Incanus/Cistus Creticus Tea.

This dried cistus tea is hand-harvested from our fields in Crete and boasts a rich aroma and wonderful flavor while being completely caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of day.


Video Organic Cistus Incanus

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