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The 5 reasons that make Dittany of Crete known worldwide

Dittany of Crete!

Maybe the most famous herb of the Cretan land. But why is it so famous all over the world? Do we know all the hidden secrets of a herb that it is known for over 5000 years to mankind?

Dittany of Crete from the organic farn tofillo
Dittany of Crete some days before harvesting from the organic farm tofillo


Uniqueness – Dittany is an endemic plant

Dittany (Origanum dictamnus) is an endemic plant of Crete that is found naturally on the steep slopes of the mountains of the island and nowhere else in the world. Known since ancient times, its seeds and depictions have been discovered in Minoan vessels. The first to call it “Cretan” because the plant that existed only in Crete was Hippocrates, the father of medicine 2500 years ago.

Medicine & Dittany of Crete

Dittany in antiquity was considered a panacea, this means medicine for all diseases, for the stomach, digestive system, the spleen, currents and arthritis, the uterus, and dystocia as first mentioned by Hippocrates. The belief in Dittany as a healing and painkiller that the ancients had, was first mentioned by Aristotle. Even the Cretan goddess of childbirth, Elythia, wore a wreath from Dittany that shows the relationship between the plant and childbirth as mentioned by Euripides at “Hippolytus”. The properties of this plant are many and research on them continues even today. One of the latest scientific results on studying Cretan herbs’ properties is Cretan Iama. Cretan Iama is a natural formulation, based on traditional Cretan herbs that contributes to the strengthening of the human body, including dittany.

Dittany – the herb of Love

There is a certain theory that attributes the association of the plant with the Greek term for love to the fact that in the older times Dittany tea was used as an erotic stimulant. Moreover, the plant tends to grow naturally in steep and difficult to approach terrain, making it a privilege only for those in love, who are willing to take the risk of trying to reach for it, to cut it off, and to offer it to their sweetheart as evidence of their faith and love.

Benedictine & Martini use Dittany

Dittany’s special aroma has been used for flavoring different beverages throughout the ages. During Middle Ages, it was widely used in French monasteries for the preparation of the famous liqueur Benedictine. For the preparation of the famous Martini, Martini & Rossi have used 40 different herbs, among them and Dittany of Crete.

Harry Potter – Dittany is a magical plant

Finally, let’s move to the magical world of Harry Potter and read this: ‘Dittany is a magical plant used in Wiggenweld Potion-Making, it is a powerful healing herb and restorative. Its use makes fresh skin grow over a wound, and after application, the wound seems several days old’’. Convinced of the magic and the value of dittany, Harry Potter’s inspirer and author Joanne “Jo” Rowling gave millions of people around the world the opportunity to search for this “magic” herb. So, countries like England and France are consuming more Dittany, with few fans of Harry Potter looking for its secrets over time.

Of course, the reasons that make Dittany of Crete famous worldwide are more than five! But which is the most important? We believe that the health benefits that Cretan nature offers to people via this unique herb are unsurpassed.

The journey into the world of herbs is going on….

More About Dittany of Crete

Organic Dittany of Crete Tea tofillo

Dittany tofillo natural

Dittany, the “remarkable” Cretan herb!



www.ema.europa.eu about dittany

Medical properties

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